About Us

The Bell Robotics Club is a student group at Bell High School in Washington DC.  

    Students come after school (and at lunch, and on weekends!)  to use math, physics, art, and ingenuity to create a robot to compete in the national First Robotics Challenge.

    This group is a way for students to learn about engineering, problem solving, and mathematics, while working on an exciting team project.  Students interact with several professional mentors from science and engineering fields at least once a week.  We are quickly growing, and this year 15 students have already been routinely attending after school to program the robot, work on the mechanics, and construct organization equipment.  Excitement is building about what we can do.

    We typically meet weekly on Wednesday's at Bell High School, Room 409, from 3:30 to 5:30.  Students are always welcome to come in at other times to work on projects, and they often do.  We welcome new students at any time, and would love to have you join us - no experience required.  If you are an interested adult, we can surely use your expertise - just contact the supervising teacher at brian.wheeler@dc.gov . 

Team meeting